Presentation – English



The IFURTA (Institut de Formation Universitaire et de Recherche du Transport Aérien) is a research and academic institute specializing in aviation law and management.

This unique entity in France was created in 1976 by Gabriel Weishaupt, head engineer at the French Civil Aviation Administration, with the aim to train both managers and jurists specializing in aviation law and business.

The Institute, which is affiliated to the Law Faculty of the University of Aix-Marseille, is co-administered by representatives of the French Civil Aviation Authority, academics and key professional players in the field of aviation.

Students accepted in this program are given numerous courses in public and private air law. They are also given extensive courses in aviation business and economics. Moreover the Institute stresses the importance of research : students have to conduct and defend a Master’s research thesis on a subject relevant to the aviation industry.

 You can find a presentation brochure HERE (in French)